Pandit Ganesh is aware of the prayers and rituals that performed .It has been a long-held idea that wedding is about here on earth. Fact is, it's planned within the heaven. The proof of it's that wedding doesn't happen to anyone if the heaven decides against it. Such wedding gets deferred due to many reasons, largely associated with abstract causes like imperfect time, faulty kundali matching etc. however generally; wedding gets delayed because of reasons found within the horoscope chart. Hence, wedding puja is a perfect answer so as to line the course of your life from the malevolent planet in your chart and planetary transit inflicting hindrances in your wedding prospects. Various styles of wedding puja, like Mangalya puja, Katyayani Puja, Ganesh Puja, and Gandharva puja area unit performed to pave the trail for wedding stuck thanks to reasons associated with celestial bodies within the system and their corresponding effects on your wedding prospects.

Puja for peace is performed so as to create peace and serenity at your home, at your workplace, or it will be done to pacify departed soul or simply for peace of mind. You’ll keep on puja for peace for your purpose ciao you've got it done by knowledgeable savant who is aware of what it takes to perform such worships as per ritual ways. Attainment of peace of mind through puja is that the best recourse you'll prefer if you would like to cause harmony in your life. This sort of puja is performed underneath non secular tips provided by a scholarly person. At the time once you begin the puja, it should be seen that the time is auspicious. Puja for peace of mind is performed so as to alleviate yourself from the strain or unwanted tensions caused by evil planets in your kundali. Another puja for peace of departed soul is devoted to praying for the peace.