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Purpose of birth in Indian Astrology

This is article is once more based on the valuable expertise of my proper friend and Guru Sunil John of Saparishis Astrology Group. He enlightened us together with his presence many time on my youtube channel. In one of these such interviews he touched upon a topic of pending karma and purpose of birth. These are specific standards. I turned into more intrigued through purpose of birth similar to Bhrigu Bindu. What is your purpose of delivery? Why have been we born on the earth? What's the motive at the back of our bodily life. Many could evaluate motive of birth with Bhrigu Bindu and that need to not be the case. We as humans have many cause for our birth however there's simplest one future. The question is how do you discover cause of birth in your horoscope? This is pretty simple of a assignment. Take a take a look at your ascendant, regardless of the ascendant is, see which house it at the beginning represents then visit that house and study that residence. That's it. If you're a Leo ascendant, Leo is the 5th zodiac signal in the zodiac belt the original 5th residence, so observe the 5th house see where 5th lord is positioned, who components or sits in fifth house. This examine will come up with a clue about the native's motive of beginning. But you must recognize the easy chronological order of the zodiac.

Whatever range is subsequent for your ascendant simply visit that residence and analyze that residence. I studied this idea hardcore for two months and eventually needed to put it on a lower back burner. Why? Now not due to the fact I wasn't getting any effects, but I observed that positive cause of birth weren't so positive. It became showing demise, destruction, separation, and sorrow, the matters the local is right here to go through in this life as part of their cause. I do no longer have the coronary heart to tell such things to humans approximately their chart so I needed to stop. I will give you a few examples approximately motive of birth. This is a chart of Australia born individual. He is born as a Gemini ascendant which means he's the third zodiac signal, this means that I will examine his 3rd residence. Third lord Sun is in 11th residence with Mercury even as Mars Venus element the third residence. There reason of birth is to be part of a massive corporation wherein they will communicating with authorities regarding disputes of marriage and belongings. The local turned into studying to be a divorce and belongings lawyer and become to paintings with their father in his law firm. Sun being within the nakshatra of Ashwini as lord Ketu sits within the 2nd house gives inclination towards property and cash or "dividing of assets" which Ketu does.

This is the chart of George W. Bush Jr. He is born as a Cancer ascendant because of this he's born as the 4th zodiac signal. If we examine the 4th house, 4th lord Venus is sitting with Saturn and Mercury. Venus is in the nakshatra of Ashlesha. What is the purpose of birth right here? His purpose of birth is to leave a legacy concerning fighting and warfare in domestic and overseas lands and to be called a cunning persona. Ashlesha is not the first-class nakshatra for Venus to be in, 4th house is home and people of the hometown, and it is lord is conjunct the 12th lord of overseas lands and third house of braveness and information at the same time as conjunct the seventh and 8th lord Saturn. Venus conjunct 8th lord or Saturn shows one will depart a legacy on this existence but because of Saturn being the lord of eighth residence and Venus being in ashlesha nakshatra his legacy will not be remembered for the good. Saturn and Venus obviously create a Raj Yoga and Saturn is a servant. His purpose become to be a servant to others via foxy nature. This is Libra ascendant chart meaning we can study the seventh house. 7th lord Mars is conjunct Saturn in third house at the same time as Venus and Jupiter take a seat inside the 7th house with component of Ketu. What can be the cause of beginning of this local? This individual got divorced after dealing with many arguments, and disaster marriage with their partner. Why? First, 7th lord Mars is conjunct Saturn inside the parakaram house that is the residence of borders and wars. The local's spouse had a completely harsh tongue and verbal exchange style which sold coldness within the marriage from the get-move. 6th lord of disputes and arguments is within the seventh residence conjunct the karaka of marriage Venus even as planet of separation and breaks components the 7th residence. Now, if I turned into to be aware this sort of element at some stage in my marriage or profession consultation do you believe you studied it's proper for me to inform the customer this negative information? Certain you might imagine they want to know the truth, but what if it consequences them psychologically? Then I could be sure to their negative electricity. But this is how the purpose of birth is studied.